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Quick Car Charger 503Q2 - 1

C Type Cable included - 12V Dual Quick Car Charger

Car Accessories - Car Charger

Price : 1790  1700 /-

Quick Charge-enabled charger delivers more power, allowing the connected device to charge faster. It includes Battery Saver technology which is designed to get the longest useful life possible from your device’s battery.

Smart IC -Qualcomm 3.0 Quick charge certified. The USB Port uses Qualcomm QC automotive grade IC design. During the charging process the mother board will apply output over-current and over-voltage protection, anti-electromagnetic interference to ensure that user equipment is not damaged.

Compatible with smartphones & devices like iPhone, Samsung, HTC, iPad, Tablet, Camera, PlayStation Vita, etc.

Made with special Zinc Alloy Metal & Stainless Steel

  • Qualcomm 3.0 - Quick charge certified
  • USB ports – 2 (type A): QC3.0 + QC3.0
  • Total power - 36 watts, intelligent charging
  • Material: Zinc Alloy Metal & Stainless Steel
  • Compatible with Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iPad Pro, iPhone, iPhone X etc.
  • Smart microchip built-in protects battery while charging, avoids over current & over voltage
  • LED indicator: White Accent
  • Certification: QUALCOMM LICENSE / CE / RoHS / FCC / UL
  • Cable included in box - C Type Cable
  • Cable inside is not covered under Warranty
Country of origin: China



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