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BP - 4A KIT Amplifier Wiring Kit (OFC)

4 AWG Cable - 100% OFC with Inline Fuse Holder Complete Amplifier Wiring Kit

Cables & Installation Accessories - Amplifier Wiring Kit (OFC)

Price : 6990  6640 /-

Blaupunkt audio amplifier wiring kit is the perfect kit - 100% Oxygen-Free Copper for current flow. These cables are designed to provide the highest current transfer and system flexibility for no compromise installations.

The AGU inline fuse holder with 80A fuse for maximum power delivery and safety is accompanied by Matte finish hyper-twist True AWG Spec wire construction that provides excellent flexibility and uninterrupted transfer of power. The Pre-terminated power connections provide reliable performance, Expert Ground Terminals, Power Terminals, Wire Ferrules Remote Turn-on and an accessories pack to complete the installation.

Heavy gauge terminals, pure copper and hydraulic compressed connections for ultra-low resistance and high current transfer.

  • Cable Conductor: 100% OFC
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Color: Red / Black
  • Inline Fuse Holder (80Amp fuse included)
  • 21 FT 4AWG red power cable
  • 3 FT 4AWG black ground cable
  • 16.4 FT RCA - 100% OFC cable (5M)
  • 17 FT 16AWG (RCA) red/black speaker cable
  • 17 FT blue remote cable
  • AGU fuse holder with 80A fuse
  • 1pc black split loom tube
  • 2pcs 4AWG gold plated ring terminals with red/black sheath
  • 2pcs 4AWG gold plated spade terminals with red/black sheath
  • 8pcs 16AWG gold plated spade terminals with red/black sheath
  • 1 pc black butt connector
  • 1 pc black grommet
  • 2 pcs black self-tapping screws
  • 4GA reducer*2PCS
  • 10 pcs plastic cable ties
Country of origin: China



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