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Car Damping sheets DAMP 3.0

Car Damping sheets

Car Accessories - Car Damping Sheets

Price : 5500  5225 /-

Blaupunkt Damp 3.0 is a super sticky butyl rubber bonded to an aluminium alloy skin. It is very simple to cut and install. The butyl rubber and heavy aluminium will stick and contour better than any other product on the market without tearing. It will conform easily to all interior surfaces and shapes and the sticky butyl rubber will adhere to a surface and stay in place without any special surface prep. It’s odourless.

Use on doors, floors, roofs, hoods, trunk lid and the floor of your car trunk to get more bass, more music, lower road noise and hence better sound.

Blaupunkt Damp 3.0 quiets annoying road noise, improves a speaker’s dynamic range and makes for a more comfortable driving experience. With Blaupunkt Damp 3.0 installed, road noise becomes silent energy. The effect this has on your sound system is phenomenal. Your music sounds clearer, your bass is louder and tighter, and your stereo can sound twice as loud. Applying Blaupunkt Damp 3.0 to the panels surrounding your speakers eliminates speaker distortion by transforming the flimsy sheet metal into a solid non-resonant baffle. Blaupunkt Damp 3.0 improves mid-bass performance and stops vibration rattles and squeaks. Your stereo will sound its very best with Blaupunkt Damp 3.0.

  • Thickness - 2.0 mm
  • Size: 800mm x 460mm / 31.4” x 18.1”
  • Weight: 6.2 Kg per box
  • Quantity: 5 sheets
  • Coverage Area: 3.96 sq. ft. per sheet (19.8 sq. ft. for 5 sheets)
Country of origin: China


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